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Add those finishing touches to your living, bedroom and bathroom, our range offers you a perfect way to add a splash of colour, a bold print or sleek discreet style. 

Exquisite blinds for spotless interiors

Get the perfect makeover for your office and home with excellent designer blinds. We manufacture designs and create dreams by offering stylish blinds and other furnishing items to our clients. A comfortable space with a cozy atmosphere is the guarantee that a perfect window shade gives you. Feather Furnishing Dubai, one of the Best Curtain and Blinds Shop in Dubai offers the best blinds to change your interiors with a blink.

Quality is a guarantee if you are purchasing blinds from our trusted store. You can get ample choices suitable for your interior design and them. With a wide range of collections, Feather Furnishing helps you pick the best one for your space. We have separate sections of blinds suitable for offices, homes and commercial spaces. Blinds for hotels are also available in our store.

Feather Furnishing is a furnishing store that offers Curtains, Blinds, Wallpapers, and every other item required for the customization of your space. A leading supplier of blinds in Dubai, we ensure support for installing durable and unique blinds for your space.

Blinds, a unique way to dress your windows

We have a good collection of different types of blinds. Our experienced team also helps the customers to customize their designs based on their interior design and theme. The best blinds dealer in Dubai, Feather Furnishing offers blinds for an affordable rate. Our versatile collection of blinds can decor every home in a stylish way.

Feather Furnishing extends your support for crafting tailor-made blinds and other furnishing items for the clients. Don’t worry about the finish as you will get the perfect design and fitting measurement. Our expert team completes the measurement process and guides you to find a complete solution for your furnishing worries. 

We offer different types of blinds, including Duplex Blinds, Panel Blinds, Roller Blinds, Motorised Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Aluminium Venetian, Roman Blinds, and Wood Venetian Blinds. Find the best blinds in Dubai in our furnishing store. 

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Some of the earliest known blinds are derived from evidence of the ancient Chinese’. Blinds were created by binding bamboo together, and hanging them in doorways and windows to create privacy. The Ancient Egyptians were also doing something similar with reeds.