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Flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room. Start with the great carpet and rest will fall into place.

Add Charm to Your Floor with Classy Carpets

Convert your room to a comfortable space. Protect your feet and furniture from heat and cold. Cosy carpets can assure a pleasing appearance for your space. With a wide range of patterns and motifs to decorate the surface, carpets come in different shapes and sizes. It is easier to cover a space with a comfortable floor carpet to give a makeover to the whole area.

Carpets add charm to residential, commercial and office spaces. Hotels and other buildings can also use these floor coverings to give a fresh look to the surface.

Are you planning to install carpets? Feather Furnishing Dubai can give you the best guidance. A leading carpet dealer in Dubai, Feather Furnishing offers you a good collection of carpets for Flooring. We are one of the top Parquet Flooring Experts in Dubai.

We offer carpets suitable for living space, bedrooms, prayer rooms and children’s play areas. Let your child play without fearing any serious injuries due to falling on the floor. Our soft and smooth carpets can protect the toddlers from falls and help them enjoy their childhood the best way.

Premium quality carpets for durability

The quality of the carpet decides the durability of the product. The chances for wear and tear are high when you use the floor carpet in commercial areas and offices. Get away with this problem by partnering with Feather Furnishing, Dubai. We offer you products made using quality materials.

This textile floor covering consists of an upper layer of the pile and backing. We have a good collection of carpets made of synthetic fibre. Don’t be disappointed if you want natural fibres for your carpet. We offer floor carpets made up of natural fibre also. The use of latex and PVC for the backing ensures durability to our floor carpets.

The best furnishing store in Dubai, Feather Furnishing, provides clients with all types of furnishing items required for home, office and commercial spaces. Our carpets will help you reduce the sound from walking. Use our Residential Carpets and Commercial Carpets to decor your surface elegantly.

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The word “carpet” itself comes from the Latin word “carpere” which means “to pluck”. This can be supported by the fact that the earliest forms of carpet were made from unraveled or “plucked” fabrics.