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Eyelet curtains are a modern alternative to traditional pleated curtains and offer a practical solution to hang your own curtains. Eyelet curtains have metal ringed eyelets at the top of the curtain, through which you can thread your metal or wooden curtain rod.

Eyelet curtains are perfect for all rooms in your home. Bring a touch of elegance with stylish eyelet curtains.

Eyelet Curtains to Captivate the Eyes

Draw the curtains to ensure privacy. Curtains change your interior drastically with different shades and designs. Interior spaces need these furnishing items to hide your privacy and to control light.

Curtains are said to have their early beginning from 33000 BC. Egyptians popularised these furnishing solutions in the early period. From animal hides to modern-day curtains, the curtains have a great history.

Eyelet curtains are the present-day alternatives to pleated curtains that were popular in the olden days. Easy to use and hang eyelet curtains add splendour to your homes.

What are eyelet curtains? Eyelet curtains use metal rings on the top of the curtains to hang the curtain. We can use metal or wooden curtain rods to attach the curtains through the metal rings. Simple installation and efficient control over the curtain are the highlights of these curtains.

A Perfect Solution for Homes

Eyelet curtains are best suited for homes and apartments. Quick to control and affordable window solutions, eyelet curtains guarantee perfect support for customizing the room. The availability of these curtains in various shades and designs makes your selection process simpler.

Finding the best curtain dealer in Dubai, you will be able to select the design of your choice to add colour to your interior. Feather Furnishing Dubai offers an excellent collection of eyelet curtains to beautify your space. Apart from Eyelet Curtains, we also offer Wave Curtains, Hospital Curtains, Motorised Curtains in Dubai. We can help you select your favourite colour and design. These affordable window covering solutions are easy to clean and manage. The use of cloth fabric and the option to pick your favourite from a good collection helps the customers to design their dream homes inexpensively.

Don’t worry about installation support? We have an expert team to take the measurement and complete the stitching work. Our team will visit your place and complete the installation tasks with ease. We offer quality fabric and eyelets.

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