Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highlight of Feather Furnishing?

We are a single point solution for all your furnishing needs.

Do you provide only furniture items?

No. We provide furnishing items, like Carpets, Curtains, Blinds, Sofa Upholstery, Parquets, Wallpaper, Furniture, Canopy and Shades, Majlis and Tents.

When should I replace my wooden window solutions?

If your wooden window treatment is warped or your wooden slats have yellowed with long-term exposure to sunlight, it is time to think about replacing it.

I want to replace the curtains in my living room. Do you take up such small works?

Yes, we do. We take up all kinds of work.

Do you offer customized window treatments?

Yes, you can customize your requirements, and we offer the perfect solution based on your theme, window size and style.

Do you offer luxury products and affordable products?

We offer products suitable for all categories of customers. Our products can add luxury to your space, and we provide our clients with cost-effective products as well.

What type of furniture do you offer?

We offer all types of furniture, including sofa, dining table, chair, coffee table, office furniture and event furniture.

Do you sell office furniture?

Yes, we sell customized furniture, office furniture and event furniture.

Can we use the same carpet for residential and commercial purposes?

Residential Carpets are not suitable for commercial spaces as the traffic would be high in commercial spaces. The carpet for the commercial area should be selected based on the average traffic and the types of staining possible.

Is parquet flooring good for residential spaces?

Parquet Flooring is perfect for your home if you want to add luxury to your interiors. They are suitable for homes and offices.

What services does Feather Furnishing provide?

We supply all types of furnishing products, including Carpets, Curtains, Blinds, Parquets Wallpaper for Bedrooms, furniture, canopy and shades, majlis and tents.

What types of blinds do you offer?

Feather Furnishing Dubai offers Roller Blinds, Motorised Blinds, Roman Blinds, Duplex Blinds, Wood Venetian, Panel Blinds, Vertical Blinds and Aluminium Venetian.

When should I replace my old curtains?

Curtains with frayed edges indicate that they need a replacement.

Do you offer installation support for curtains and blinds?

We offer comprehensive support for window treatment. We guarantee installation and maintenance works to our clients.

Do you offer theme-based wallpapers?

We offer different types of wallpapers, including thematic, floral printed and patterns.

Do you offer installation support for wallpapers?

We have a team of experienced workers to fix your wallpapers.

Do you offer furnishing support for offices and commercial spaces?

We offer a total solution for your furnishing requirements, including office and commercial buildings. Furniture, curtains, blinds, carpets and every type of furnishing solution are available for residential and commercial use.

When should I upgrade my furniture?

A piece of furniture can be replaced or upgraded at any time between 5 to 10 years. You can upgrade it even before 5 years if the style gets outdated. Fading and frayed fabric are also indicators of a furniture upgrade.

Why are commercial carpets more expensive than residential carpets?

Commercial Carpets are made using better quality materials to ensure durability even though it experiences increased traffic.