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How to Pick the Right Curtain for Your Space?

Do you find it tough to find the right curtain for your interior? Finding the most suitable curtains for your interiors requires proper planning. First, we have to identify the space. Then, find suitable curtains for the place. We can choose between pinch pleats, eyelets, or Wave Curtains in Dubai for your home. Feather Furnishing, a leading curtain dealer in Dubai, can help you with a few tips.

1. Identify the space

If a curtain is suitable for a space depends on the type of your space. You have to identify if you are looking for office or residential curtains. Curtains are more preferred for residential uses. Blinds or panels are preferred for offices and commercial spaces. The availability of multi-coloured curtains can help you transform your space into a vibrant space.

2. Choose the right colour combination

The curtain is not an individual furnishing unit. It is part of a room, where you will have walls and floors decorated with wallpapers, carpets, paints, or floor tiles. Do you want your curtains to be in the wrong place? So, whenever you choose your curtain, keep in mind the wall and floor colour, and decide on a combination that will go well with your theme.

3. Pick the right fabric
How To Pick Right Curtains

Does the fabric of the curtain matter? Yes, it does. The fabric decides the light streaming capacity and the quality of your curtain. If you are looking for a curtain for your living space where you will be spending a major share of your time, go for a fabric that can stream sunlight well. If you are looking for a curtain for your bedroom, that is your private space, go for a darker shade. Fancy colours will be the best for kids’ rooms.

4. Designs and prints matter

Do you like a solid curtain for your space or a printed one? Make the choice based on your theme. The furniture, home appliances, and every other item present in the room have a role in deciding the type of curtain. You can embellish your space elegantly by blending the curtains with other furnishing items. You can also go for Motorised Curtains Dubai if you want to add some luxury to your windows.

5. Find the best measurement

Don’t go for a rough measurement of curtains. Take the correct measurement to design your curtains exclusively for your space. There are many different styles followed by designers. Some prefer curtains that touch the floor level. Many others go for a dramatic appearance by adding a few more inches than the floor level. But it is always up to you to decide the length of the curtain based on your requirement. If you have young children, it is better to have shorter curtains. The width also plays a significant role in adding beauty to the curtains. Curtains with exact width are a beauty for the eyes.

6. Price and maintenance

Price is a significant factor when you are choosing your furnishing items. Always try to plan your budget before starting your hunt for the curtain. You can access simple curtains, blinds, or motorised curtains based on your budget.