Parquet Flooring Dubai

High Quality Parquet Flooring


The classical look of the parquet flooring will enhance the beauty of your home.

Premium Parquet for Perfect Flooring

Prepare your floor the perfect way with the stylish parquet. Designing the floor with a Wood finish adds elegance to your interiors. Finding the best parquet flooring partner and selecting the design of your choice can convert your space quickly.

Are you planning to give a distinctive design to your space? Feather Furnishing, Dubai, is the best choice. We offer you the best parquet designs to embellish your space royally. Picking your design from the catchy textures and fabulous patterns can help you add an aesthetic appeal to the interiors.

Feather Furnishing Dubai, the best furnishing partner, assures you premium quality parquet flooring at an affordable price. Residential or commercial, we have an immense selection to satisfy your needs. Durable parquet which is not vulnerable to wear and tear is what we have in store for you.

Adorn your bedroom, living room or kitchen, we can offer plenty of choices. Giving a perfect shape to your office space or conference hall is also possible once you join hands with Feather Furnishing.

Class and Elegance Made Simple

Hardwood flooring using the finest quality products guarantees a palatial appearance to your home and office. Feather Furnishing Dubai offers only long-lasting and wear and tear-resistant material for your flooring. We are also known as the Best Curtain and Blinds Shop in Dubai offering a wide range of curtains and blinds.

Traditional and modern designs with a tinge of a class are what we have in store for our clients. Structure your space the perfect way and remodel your homes the classy way with the quality flooring we offer. Flooring support suitable for wet areas and dry areas are available at the best furnishing store in Dubai.

Versatility is the highlight of the products we offer to our customers. Unique designs and a stylish collection of Carpets, Blinds, Curtains at our store are sure to grab your attention. The best flooring company in Dubai, Feather Furnishing offers exquisite collection and installation support.


You might not know this, but hardwood flooring has actually been shown to increase the value of your home when you put it up for sale. Prospective buyers tend to view homes with hardwood floors as more expensive and more beautiful in comparison to carpeted floors. Investment properties will benefit from wooden flooring. Furthermore, it’s been proven homes with wood floors tend to go for more than covered homes.