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Why Partner with Feather Furnishing for Furnishing Your Home and Buying Panel Blinds in Dubai?

Feather Furnishing is a complete furnishing partner for every customer. From floor carpets to wallpapers, every furnishing item is available at the store at an affordable rate. A customer reaching our store can get high-quality products at a reasonable rate. The use of quality materials and quick and efficient service are the highlights of Feather Furnishing.

We offer all sorts of furnishing materials, including curtains, blinds, wallpapers, carpets, parquet, furniture, canopy and shades and majlis and tents. The experience and expertise of the team and their ability to guide you through your furnishing plans make us stand out in the market.

Affordability of the products and the availability of products for all customers make us the favourite furnishing partner of all. The furnishing of a home or commercial building begins with flooring and ends with curtains or blinds. Our team comes to the rescue of our customers at this point. We offer flooring solutions like Parquet, Carpet, Curtains and Blinds. We also assure wallpapers and furniture to transform the space completely.

Why Choose Us?

Let us check out what we offer to our clients.


Carpets can be broadly classified into two types: Residential Carpets and Commercial Carpets. We have both residential and commercial categories. Commercial carpets suitable for heavy and medium traffic are available at the store at an affordable price.


We can add elegance to the floor by using parquets. A stylish and designer parquet assures distinctiveness to the floor and the interior as a whole. We offer parquets that are durable and classy. Floor cleaning becomes effortless, and floors become the centre of attraction if you use parquet.


Wallpapers make your walls vibrant with different shades, patterns and designs. You can transform your space into a marine world, a garden or a galaxy by buying Affordable Wallpaper For Bedroom in Dubai.


Feather Furnishing offers a wide range of curtains to customers. Eyelet Curtains, Blackout Curtains, Pinch Pleat Curtains, Wave Curtains, Motorised Curtains and Hospital Curtains are available in different colours and patterns.


Blinds are the perfect window solutions for homes and offices. Sleeky and neat furnishing products are well-suited for studio apartments and offices. We have a wonderful collection of Motorised Blinds, Roman Blinds, Duplex Blinds, Wood Venetian Blinds, Panel Blinds, Vertical Blinds and Aluminium Venetian.

Canopy & Shades

Are you planning a parking space for your residential building or a commercial building? Are you looking for a shaded coffee corner? Canopy and shades by Feather Furnishing can help you design the space.

Furniture and Upholstery

Fulfil your furniture requirement by visiting Feather Furnishing. We have a wonderful collection of customised furniture, office furniture and event furniture. Upgrading your old furniture also becomes effortless by contacting Feather Furnishing.

Majlis and Tents

Traditionally and culturally popular majlis and tents elegantly decorate your space. Majlis tents assure the comprehensive reflection of Arabic culture. We help in setting up majlis and tents for residential spaces and commercial spaces.